0 thoughts on “Preacher gives into temptation and fucks two sluts

  1. Lmao yo this bitch look disgusting after all the plastic surgery. Whoever her doctor is needs to be executed. Just looks so bad. I like plastic surgery but that’s just hilarious

  2. the start of the video with the lovely riley showing off her petite body made my cock hard, but what made my cum loads was when the mandingo entered her tight pussy, too see her take it like a champ was delightfull

  3. Ngl I could be doing better, everything lately has just been hard, and idk how I should feel about what is going on. It’s making me just give up on feelings, like I don’t get horny anymore, I don’t particularly love anything or anyone it’s all just been sad. But ok things in life will always get better and I try to use that as motivation to not just stop trying in everything I do

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